Planning outsourcing services

Planning outsourcing services


Well planned is half done. The old proverb applies.

In the planning of a construction project, new construction as well as repair construction, participate usually many engineers, special experts and specialists. TTC Infrapalvelut Oy offers trained and trustworthy planning outsourcing service.

It is vitally important with acquisitions, beginning and success of the project that the project as best possible planning program and schedule table for planning.

Planning progresses with good quality and in schedule with planning program and schedule made by TTC Infrapalvelut Oy. With this we can make sure the right timed acquisitions, processes, complition and implementation of the project.

Our planning outsourcing services include for example:

Beginning of planning

  • Pre and requirement survey services
  • Planning scheme survey and estimation
  • Planning program and scheduling
  • Request of offer documents
  • Competitioning
  • Offer treatment
  • Agreement negotiations
  • Planning service agrements


  • Planning service meetings
  • Planning coordination
  • Supervision of technical implementation and quality
  • Financial and schedule supervision
  • Overhauling of complete plans
  • Assembly of plans for acquisitions
  • Services of plan reception stage

An example of our planning outsourcing services:

Pyhäjärvi health center construction, 4600 brm2, planning program, planning competitioning, planning outsourcing, 2013 – 2014, client Pyhäjärvi City. 


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