Expert services

Expert services


The process of a project or some small part of project is a very demanding work. Those include many different stages, where TTC Infrapalvelut Oy can act in Expert service tasks. TTC Infrapalvelut Oy leads the project or part of it through with quality and effectively financially and technically.

We offer expert services in fields of new construction, repair construction, treatment and maintenance projects.

We offer expert services also for many different infra property management services, like different kinds of mapping, inventing, investigation, condition survey, structure improving, planning and programming services.

Expert services and their extention are always tailored to the needs of the client.

Our expert services include for example:

  • Pre-investigations
  • Need planning
  • Project planning
  • Cost estimations
  • Technical comparisons
  • Operation representations
  • Special tasks of treatment and maintenance
  • Expert statements
  • Structure improvement planning
  • Surface planning
  • Surface repair planning
  • Road and street markup planning

As an example of our expert services references is:

City road plan inventing, condition survey and basic repair requirement definition, and the programming of planning and basic repair 2012 – 2017, client Pyhäjärvi city.


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