Construction outsourcing services

Construction outsourcing services


Our construction outsourcing service includes the full project or smaller parts of it.

We offer construction outsourcing services for new construction and repair construcion and also to different kinds of treatment and maintenance contracts and services.

TTC Infrapalvelut Oy offers qualified and trustworthy outsourcing for construction. The project is progressing with quality and in schedule. This way we can make sure the right timed complition and implementation of project as well as achieving the wanted result financially and technically.

Our Construction outsourcing services include for example:

Acquisition stage of contracts and services

  • Throughout definition of contracts and services
  • Request for offer documents
  • Acquisition notices
  • Competitioning
  • Offer treament
  • Agreement negotiations
  • Contract and service agreements

Executing stage of contract or service

  • Administrative services of contract or project
  • Work safety coordinator tasks
  • Building site and service meetings
  • Building site supervision
  • Treatment of early exception situations of work
  • Supervision of technical implementation and quality
  • Supervision and reporting of financing and schedule

Reception and deployment stage of contracts and services

  • Reception meetings
  • Reception supervision
  • Transference of orderer and constructor to user
  • Reception after inspection and after inspection meetings
  • User training

Contract warranty stage

  • Warranty inspections and warranty meetings
  • After inspections and after inspection meetings

Example of our construction outsourcing services is:

The complement of Uljua lake dam watersystem, stage 1, 2012, client Pohjois-Pohjanmaan ELY-center.


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