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TTC Infrapalvelut Oy

TTC Infrapalvelut Oy is a infrastructure field and building company.

We offer skilled and trustworthy expert-, purchasing-, planning and building services.

We pay attention to needs and goals of the client. In the beginning stage of a project we define the scale, quality goals, technical goals, timetable goals and financial goals of the project.

We offer a throughout service chain of the project: investigations, need enqueries, planning, building, reception, deployment and warranty time services.

In addition to comprejensive service chain we are able to serve in a single stage of project. In this case also our client gets an expert, experienced and high quality service, where we take into account the coming stages of project and the wanted result the client is aiming at.

We offer our services to new construction and repair construction and also to projects of maintenance and upkeep.

Our every operation is guided by best possible quality, strong know-how, absolute trustworthyness and customer oriented approach.

Contact us and let’s see how we can serve you.

At your service! TTC Infrapalvelut Oy



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